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Zakah on mineral resources
  1. Zakah on minerals is not paid on annual basis; it is promptly due on any extracted and filtrated portion of minerals so long as it reaches the Nisab liable to the payment of Zakah.

  2. The Nisab of minerals liable to Zakah is estimated in accordance with the value of the Nisab of gold, i.e. 85 grams, no matter whether the minerals are extracted one at a time or in parts. In case the work ceases because of emergency such as repairing equipment or due to a strike on the part of the workers, the extracted minerals are to be added together in a way to complete the minimum amount counted for Zakah. However, in case the work ceases due to the transfer of the activity or for another reason, then resumed again this interruption is to be considered in calculating the minimum amount counted for Zakah in a way that the new extracted amounts of minerals will not be added to the amounts extracted before the halt.‏

  3. The term 'minerals' refers to all minerals extracted from the earth or the seabed. Zakah on pearls, coral, fish, and amber is to be paid in the same way as commercial commodities.

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